These are stained glass window inserts,
which were damaged and needed some pieces
replaced and re-soldered,
plus got framed with oak.
In this new home I finished quite a few things...

...shown here,
the hand-rails and wall-tops, and a little shelve,
mirror frame in the entrance,
tiling of the stairs,
wall painting...

This is a bar with the main function as a room divider to visually separate the kitchenette from the main room in a small, Mexican themed, holiday apartment.
It is made from old weathered scrap lumber -
smoothly sanded and stained.
Here matching a tiled shelve and mirror frame
in the bathroom of the same apartment.
This bed is metal free and holds together just by dowels and notches, and can quickly be dis - and re-assembled.
Here it is made to accommodate an already existing 90cm lathing and mattress system with two additional foam strips on both sides to make this single bed wider.
This is a convertable Futon style couch bed.
All joints - including the hinges - are metal free.