Since my childhood, back in Germany,
I have been magically drawn towards
"making things nice

I always loved to make things nice.
My environment, my room, my work booklets in school.
I loved art, being creative, overflowing with ideas.
Colours, compositions, patterns, materials...
it all fascinated and inspired me.
I loved to play with the elements.
And I still do!

And I did had creative parents.
On my fathers side there is a line of woodworkers
reaching back for many generations, cabinet makers,
instrument builders. Some were inventors, some
musicians. And my mother was an artist, a painter
and in later years an art therapist. Her father also
painted great pieces and wrote several books
(some of them that got him and our family in bad
trouble with the Nazi regime).

May it be that heritage, the genes or/and my very
personal experience of having spent a great time of
my early childhood in white and sterile hospitals -
before then finally discovering the world of colours,
touch and nature at a later age,  becoming absorbed
by it, and totally fascinated.

My mother promoted my sense for beauty and art.
She taught me quite early of how to sketch and paint
with water colours. My grandfather taught me at age
of 7, how to turn wood on a lathe. And when I was 9,
I was given a good twin lens Rolleicord camera.
And instantly photography became my main ambition.
I eagerly learned how to develop and print the pictures
myself. Due to a limited budget, I also built all the
different lab equipment on my own, i.g. an  enlarger,
based on an old bellow camera, etc.  Soon I started
developing the photos for my classmates in school and
worked on many editions of our annual school books.

And I sketched  with pencil, painted with water colour
and oil. I modelled with paper-maiche, clay and carved
wood. Art was always my best subject, and there I
was the best in school.

Then later came the time of deciding about my future
profession. That wasn't easy, as there was too much
I would have liked to do. I considered becoming a
photographer, a graphic designer, an architect, an
interior designer, a potterer, a florist...
and finally ended up in a medical career.
This was strongly influenced through my personal
experiences after a severe accident when I was
18 months old. For me a professions was not as much
about making money - I wanted to do something with
substance and meaning for my life and that of others.

And so first the artistic-creative domain remained only
a hobby. A hobby though, that I strongly endorsed,
often times touching the professional sphere. Esp. with
photography, when I published photos and articles for
the local newspaper. And then I enjoyed making huge
multi-vision slideshows, with up to 9 simultaneously
controlled projectors and self produced sound tracks,
for presentation to large audiences.  But I also had my
own massage therapy practise, and that lastly demanded
my main concentration. And for some time I also
additionally operated a retreat and seminary centre,
with mainly creative workshops (of course!).

When I finally stayed in Canada for good, I knew, that
all my medical diplomas would not be accepted for a
continuation in that career. I had to completely
reorganize my life, which brought me back to my early
creative ambitions.

Having found a place to live and work as a property
manager on an acreage in the Okanagan / BC,  I first
started with landscaping, planted an orchard, installed
a huge irrigation system. Through various building
projects on that property I got involved in renovations
and even new constructions. And I had the opportunity
to build me a workshop, in which I started building
various furniture and created nice things on the lathe.
And in no time I was fully involved and integrated in the creativity I loved so much.

This is now already more than a decade past. Unfortunately the acreage was sold and I had to move
on, being able to "take along"  my workshop only in its
parts, to be re-erected again later on a new location.
But until then I started doing more and more home
renovations, and mainly finishing work on new
construction sites. This involved everything with wood,
as well as tiling and painting. For 3 years I worked
mainly for an Okanagan lakeshore resort, remodelling
and upscaling their rental units.

But I also had acquired a property in the Yukon - the
region I visited many times since the mid 80's, and
from the beginning, on fallen in love with this wonderful
part of our world. Here I found a new home, could set
up my machines and tools again, being able again to work
in my shop and be creative. And I still love renovating
and creating new living spaces. Needles to say, that in
the meantime I have also acquired a lot of experience
and made that trade my main. Because it's just so
wonderful and fulfilling...
                                         ..."making things nice" !

is always
the best !

And it's nature
that provides us
with all the ingredients
for our human creations.

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making things nice
making things nice


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