As an example for the combination
of masonry and tiling -
a Tiled Masonry Stove
The idea was born from an ugly, yet very efficient homemade steel stove, that stood in the middle of the room, occupying valuable living space. Also this way it always caused a lot of dirt carried through the room.
But most of all, it heated great - often just too great. But only as long as there was a hot fire inside. Once that burned down, the heat source immediately ceased. It was the thermal mass that was missing and which to accomplish, was the main goal of this project.
First of all the old stove was stripped from its pedestal and relocated on a poured concrete slap besides the entrance door...
...with its feeding door towards the wall.
A break-through in the wall makes it now possible to feed and clean the stove from the other side
of it, the entrance or mud room, which also receives warmth this way.

The dogs using this room too,  just love it !

...And then the new stove is build around the fire chamber, allowing both, a lot of thermal mass, as well as ventilation in between, so that the massive parts are reached by the heat, and also that there are ducts, in which warm air can reach and quickly warm up the outer surface, especially the bench that surrounds the base. Two 'caverns' under the brick arcs, that support the bench, are  the ideal place to dry shoes, gloves, etc.

...After the block and brick laying is completed and cured, follows the 'outer skin' with tiles that are individually cut to fit.

...With the final grouting the project is finished.
The pets of the home quickly learned to love the places in front of the arcs, where pleasant warmth radiates, without the danger of scorching their fur. 

And for the 'two-leggers' the bench offers a wonderful place to warm up after a chilly time